Global Presence


RDT-Vicente Ferrer India

In 1969, Vicente and Anna Ferrer created Rural Development Trust (RDT), a non-governmental organization registered under the Indian Registration Act of 1908, to help find solutions to the extreme poverty of Anantapur's rural communities, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in southern India. Thanks to over 40 years of tireless and constant efforts, the organization has become a deep-rooted part of society, respecting the environment, local culture, and prompting the region’s present-day transformation.

A team of nearly 2,400 people (99% local individuals) manages the organization's development programs on education, healthcare, women, people with disabilities, housing, and ecology. It is one of the most innovative and sustainable NGOs in India's history, providing coverage to more than 3,200 villages and almost three million people.

In recent years, there has been a positive change among wealthier people’s willingness in helping communities living in poorer conditions. As a result, in 2012, RDT-Vicente Ferrer India decided to open a new fund-raising department in India. The Resource Mobilization Office is currently located in Mumbai (state of Maharashtra).


RDT-Vicente Ferrer Spain

In 1996, the organization opened its first office in Spain, The Vicente Ferrer Foundation, to ensure stable funding and help sustain its projects in India.

With its headquarters in Barcelona and seven regional offices around Spain, this non-governmental organization works to promote understanding and awareness about extreme poverty in the world; a situation against which we all have a responsibility to fight, to help others live a dignified life and have access to basic needs.


RDT-Vicente Ferrer USA

In 2013, in a bid to raise funds in new markets and help ensure the continuity of the projects in India, the organization opened its first US office in Miami. This delegation will promote awareness of, and raise funds for, the projects in India to help thousands of families combat extreme poverty.

The RDT-Vicente Ferrer, the new single global brand, integrates all local and national branches, which will work together and share a common vision and mission: to improve the lives of society's most disadvantaged communities.

We strive to create a more thoughtful, charitable, and committed society. Rights and social justice are the cornerstones of our approach, as we aim to empower the people and emphasize individual and collective responsibility.

We view raising awareness as a process that enables us to promote critical awareness and social commitment, elements essential to changing people's attitudes and behavior.