The Foundation talks about philanthropy at the University of Westminster

  • At the Conference "Communicating Soft Power: Contrasting Perspectives from India and China"

On September 9 and 10, the Foundation will participate in the Conference "Communicating Soft Power: Contrasting Perspectives from India and China" held at the University of Westminster in London. Nadia Llorens, Head of Programs and Subsidies Department, and Jose Ramon Vicente, Technician of the Department, participate with the paper "Philanthropy and Soft Power: The Hindu Approach." This paper will show how certain concepts of Hinduism, as the tolerance to other faiths or non-violence, can be beneficial to create a good image of India at international level and also in the field of development cooperation to combat poverty effectively. To that end, they will present the example of the work developed for the last 44 years by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

Their presentation is part of a two-day Conference exploring different aspects of the influence of India and China on international contexts through the so-called Soft Power. This term coined by Joseph Nye, Professor at Harvard University, is used in political science to refer to "the ability to attract people to our position avoiding coercion." This power is focused on cultural and ideological aspects, as opposed to Hard Power focused on military and economic aspects. The conference will also address the American origin of the concept and how it is intended to investigate whether emerging powers like China and India can apply it in the international arena.

Concepts of Hinduism that can be beneficial in the field of cooperation. © Albert Uriach/VFF


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