The Vicente Ferrer Foundation presents the “Sociedad Cooperactiva” (“Cooperactive Society”) to build the world's largest women solidarity network

  • Familiar faces such as journalists Ana Pastor and Montserrat Dominguez; paralympic swimmer Teresa Perales; actresses Maribel Verdu and Blanca Portillo; singer Luz Casal; film director Gracia Querejeta; Facebook responsible for Spain, Irene Cano, and the President of Microsoft Spain, Maria Garaña, have already joined the project
  • A documentary filmed in India that includes the gathering of some of these famous faces with their Indian partners
  • Discriminated on grounds of gender, caste or disability, and victims of the lack of access to education and early marriages, almost half of women in rural India live below the poverty threshold

Madrid, November 27, 2012 - This morning, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation presented in Madrid “De Mujer a Mujer: Sociedad Cooperactiva” (“Woman to Woman: Cooperactive Society”) an international cooperation project of women in Spain and India, which was established with the aim of becoming the largest women solidarity network worldwide

Discriminated on grounds of gender, caste or disability, and victims of the lack of access to education and early marriages, almost half of women in rural India live below the poverty threshold. The “Sociedad Cooperactiva” seeks to respond to this situation in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh: with a monthly contribution of €9, the Spanish collaborators are associated with Indian women so they can start a small business to ensure their survival and achieve savings that will provide security for their future. The Spanish women partners become supportive entrepreneurs that will forever change the lives of women in rural India. About 40% of the monthly contribution will be allocated to the comprehensive development of all women in the community, a task that the Foundation is developing for 30 years.

During the presentation of the campaign this morning in Madrid, Anna Ferrer, president and CEO of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation stressed that "it is time for Spanish and Indian women to join hands and build together a fairer society. The Sociedad Cooperactiva is the best way to support them.” Meanwhile, Jorge Martinez, founding partner of Germinal Comunicacion and creative executive of the campaign stated: “This project is a challenge for Spanish society, both for men and women, because with their support they can contribute to spread and increase the revolution that the Vicente Ferrer Foundation is carrying out for 43 years.”

The presentation was attended by two of the familiar faces of the project. The journalist Ana Pastor explained the importance of this project in the current circumstances: De Mujer a Mujer” is a safe bet at a time when everything in our country is reeling and projects such as the Foundation are the pillars where our society is now based. Just €9 help to change lives.” In addition, Paralympic swimmer Teresa Perales, who also traveled to Anantapur to meet her Indian partner, is excited recalling that moment: "I am also a shareholder of the Sociedad Cooperactiva and can say that this is probably the most important entrepreneurial initiative in my life. I recommend all women to participate because it is a direct project and it works.”

The event was led by journalist Montserrat Dominguez, who said that “the Foundation is proposing a society of women who speak out and support each other to change the course of millions of women in India who do not surrender and fight for equality and respect.”

Numerous famous faces support the campaign: singer Luz Casal; actresses Maribel Verdu and Blanca Portillo; journalist Mercedes Mila; Facebook responsible for Spain, Irene Cano; President of Microsoft Spain, Maria Garaña; and film director Gracia Querejeta have also joined this new solidarity network. All of them are committed to be social entrepreneurs and create a business along with their Indian partners, investing in the acquisition of cattle, buying seeds or machinery to work the land.

In the website media can download the documentary of the Ana Pastor and Teresa Perales tour to India to meet their Indian partners, as well as TV spots, photographs and other campaign materials.


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