Anne Ferrer Wins Jamnalal Bajaj Award 2015

Anne Ferrer, who has been working as a social worker in rural parts of Andhra Pradesh, received the Jamnalal Bajaj Award 2015 for her contribution in the field of development and welfare of Women and Children in India.

Child Welfare Protection- Solutions for India a model for the World

The telephone rings. It is the 1,098 time the VFF staff in India answer the urgent needs of the community using the anonymous help line. 24 hours, 7 days a week urgent calls of a wide variety come in and much needed support is given immediately.

This is how the Foundation gets organized to reach more than 3.000 towns

Today is the day that the Community Development Committee (CDC) meets in Chedudla town, located in Anantapur district, to debate and comment about the Vicente Ferrer Foundation Programs that will be implemented in the area. CDC, a group of about 12 neighbors that represent the rest of the town has been summoned by Ramanji, Community Organizer, FVF employee that works more closely with the towns and the people that live in Anantapur.

Lakshmi: “I can say I negotiate better than my husband"

"We didn't have value or respect in society". Women have felt -and many others will continue to feel this way- through their whole life. Their place was the home or the field. There is no power to decide anything in a family structure where the father in-law, the husband, the brother in-law decide for everyone. The landlord that gives them work in the field pays them half -sometimes less- than a man that does the same labor. Besides, that money goes straight to the husband's pockets. Through fair, or unfair deals, in many cases.

Lakshmidevi: “I want my daughter to study so she can have a good future. I don't think about anything else.”

Kavitha, the family's second daughter from Dalit caste in the Chintalapalli town, in Anantapur, suffers from severe deafness since she was born. She is one of the 245 girls that study at the elementary school for girls and boys with hearing disability that is part of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (VFF).

Kiran Kumar: “Some people think that if a molar is extracted from them they will go blind"

Each morning several tenths of patients stroll in Vicente Ferrer Foundation (VFF) dental service center located in Kanekal. Kiran Kumar is one of the dentists.

Illiterate Parents, College Children

Anantapur región will remember the last 30 years as those of the generational change. During the 60's nobody cared about education. Now is one of the main goals for the family.

The Slave Women Business

Every day more than 200 women and girls are introduced to the human trafficking business in India.

The Sangham Gives Women Confidence, Respect and Freedom

A sangham of women has as objective the creation of a space where they can talk about their problems, share their worries and seek advice.

Shirisha Wants To Be A Teacher

Next week she will leave the place that has been her home for the last 8 years and will start studying at the Junior and High School of Inclusive Education from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (VFF).