Anna Ferrer was awarded the Order of the Civil Merit


The president of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation was honored by the Ambassador of Spain to India, Gustavo de Aristegui, as her task is "an example for everyone," referring to the work done in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh for 45 years.

The president of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (VFF), Anna Ferrer, today was honored with a distinction from the Order of the Civil Merit awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Spanish Government. Praised by the Ambassador to India, Gustavo de Aristegui, Anna Ferrer has been recognized for his work in the organization for 45 years which, as expressed by a moved ambassador, "is an example because this is one of the most extraordinary organizations in the world." "Is the best of the best in Spain," he concluded.

At the ceremony held at the Spanish Embassy in New Delhi and after viewing a video on the work of the VFF, the Ambassador handed over the Commander by Number Star of the Order of Civil Merit. De Aristegui gave a moving speech recalling his recent visit to the VFF in Anantapur. He assured that by knowing the work of the Foundation he has "regain his confidence in humanity" and encouraged attendees to get to know first-hand the VFF projects.

Gustavo de Aristegui stressed that this moment will stay in his memory as one of the greatest moments in his diplomatic career. The Ambassador highlighted that, since the death of Vicente Ferrer in 2009, the Foundation has enlarged its comprehensive development program, increasing its efforts from 2,000 to 3,000 villages in just 5 years. "We grant this distinction because they have gone beyond," he summarized.

Anna Ferrer explained how much the district has changed in recent years, “an invaluable milestone for the organization is that 100% of children with visual disabilities are in school”. She also highlighted that “this achievement has been possible thanks to the collaboration of 130,000 people supporting the VFF from Spain, as well as businesses and institutions”. She acknowledged the valuable work that thousands of people do every day for the transforming action of the VFF to be successful.

The Order of Civil Merit is granted to Spanish or foreigner citizens who have done a commendable civil work, such as relevant services, extraordinary work or exemplary initiatives. Vicente Ferrer himself was awarded the Grand Cross of Civil Merit in late 2008, and Deputy Prime Minister at the time, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, personally handed it to him in Anantapur (India), in January 2009.

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Anne Ferrer, who has been working as a social worker in rural parts of Andhra Pradesh, received the Jamnalal Bajaj Award 2015 for her contribution in the field of development and welfare of Women and Children in India.
The telephone rings. It is the 1,098 time the VFF staff in India answer the urgent needs of the community using the anonymous help line. 24 hours, 7 days a week urgent calls of a wide variety come in and much needed support is given immediately.