Women take Anantapur

  • About 25 thousand people participate in more than 30 demonstrations throughout the district on the occasion of Women's Day
  • The Vicente Ferrer Foundation organizes events to raise awareness
When hundreds of people marched through the road through Rapthadu, shouting and carrying signs, some neighbors did not hesitate when asked about the reason for the demonstration. "The Women's Day", they replied. In Anantapur district is increasingly people who no longer surprising that women take the streets and protest, something unthinkable when the Vicente Ferrer Foundation started working 45 years in this region of rural India. Things have changed.
"Let's Dig the grave of violence. Let the foundation of development. “The protesters shout slogans in Telugu, the language of the state of Andhra Pradesh. They talk about child marriage, sexual abuse, the importance of education and, more than anything else, also speak of violence.
About 25 thousand people participate this year in the acts of Women's Day. The Sanghams or women's associations have organized demonstrations for two weeks in over 30 towns across the district.
Awareness, a tool for change
The gears are the central act of each day, but not alone. In Rapthadu, protesters gather for breakfast in the facilities that the Foundation has in the area. There is a tent, a stage, and hundreds of chairs. After the rally, people will return there to participate in awareness activities.
To get the message, it is essential that participants are responsive, comfortable. To break the ice, the organizers have prepared games. One for women and one for men. They have to dunk balls the size of a fist in a basket. They get the maximum number of bindis (that tiny red dot Hindu women often wear on the forehead) in a minute.
Kullayama, a stout woman of the town of Anantapur, takes the time to set your stop in the tumult. Sell crackers and chips. 20 years as part of a Sangham ago. Mind you, other than to make some money, you've come to the other women see that thanks to the loan granted the Foundation now has a business.
Their role
Most people who have taken to the streets on the occasion of Women's Day Women are sanghams. But there are also men.
The director of the Women's Foundation sector Doreen Reddy, stresses the importance of involving men in the fight against inequality and violence against women. "When a man speaks, another man listens" he says. "Men need to understand that sexism is also their problem."


News - What‘s happening?

Anne Ferrer, who has been working as a social worker in rural parts of Andhra Pradesh, received the Jamnalal Bajaj Award 2015 for her contribution in the field of development and welfare of Women and Children in India.
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