Illiterate Parents, College Children

Anantapur regiĆ³n will remember the last 30 years as those of the generational change. During the 60's nobody cared about education. Now is one of the main goals for the family.

Shirisha Wants To Be A Teacher

Next week she will leave the place that has been her home for the last 8 years and will start studying at the Junior and High School of Inclusive Education from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (VFF).

Education Above All

At this time of year, the sun heralds the beginning of remedial classes. At half past six, girls and children Kodapaganipalli, a village of 79 families in the district of Anantapur, go to the "town hall".

Music in the Village

The Foundation trains young uneducated rural areas to learn to play percussion instruments and can make a living as a professional band

Anti-discrimination training

The Foundation offers training workshops on gender issues for workers and social workers

Rajesh Naik: "Being a sponsored child has allowed me to create my own business"

Rajesh grew up in a small village near Guntakal, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Being a son of farmers, it was difficult for him to study as he had to help their parents.

From India to India

Around 90,000 money boxes handed out in villages where the Vicente Ferrer Foundation works to involve beneficiaries themselves in the development program
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