Kiran Kumar: “Some people think that if a molar is extracted from them they will go blind"

Each morning several tenths of patients stroll in Vicente Ferrer Foundation (VFF) dental service center located in Kanekal. Kiran Kumar is one of the dentists.

Safe births also in rural areas

Since 2012, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation carries out a program to promote maternal and infant health

India, the world's tuberculosis epicenter

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation warns about an increase in multidrug‑resistant tuberculosis cases in India

An outpatient clinic in the field

The Foundation's volunteer team of traumatologists visits the villages of Andhra Pradesh to care...

The Vicente Ferrer Foundation opens a Pediatric Hospital in Bathalapalli, India

the Vicente Ferrer Foundation will open a pediatric hospital in the Indian city of Bathalapalli, to meet the specific health needs of children.
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