Culture and sports


Our overall goal of Culture and Sports is to bring out hidden talents among Dalit, Tribal and other poor rural community children in sports and cultural aspects that not onlye enhances their self-confidence, self esteem and identity but also enables them to equally compete with children of privileged communities at district state, national and international level.


For more than 30 years, we have been highlighting the importance of cultural skill and imparting them to rural children. For example, just during the course during 2012-13:

  • Children of 125 schools received special training and coaching in various cultural activities.
  • 74 rural students wee trained in musical instruments and 183 in classical dance.
  • 432 children pursuing their high school education in 12 Government Residential Schools were given cultural training.


Moreover, we do believe in Sports as a great education tool:

  • 52 rural students undergoing a training in Hockey
  • 21 intellectually disabled children ara undergoing intensive training to participate in the Asian Pacific Regional Games in Australia and Special Olympics.
  • 117 children are receiving training in Tennis.
  • Our criket team from Kadiri won 2nd time the Rural Cricket Tournament.
  • 281 rural students are being coached in various sports and games as football, kabadi, cricket, kho-kho, etc
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