Our goal is to guarantee a good-quality education for all children from Scheduled Caste, Schedule Tribe and poor families in other communities, as a building block for their progress and to enable them to lead their own development.

Forty years ago, Dalits, tribes, and impoverished communities believed that education was only for the higher castes. Primary school enrolment was exceedingly low, under 10% for boys and less than 5% for girls. For the past 35 years, RDT has worked to raise awareness about the importance of education as a basis for their development. These communities now understand that "education is their inalienable right." Today, almost 99% of poor boys and girls from 3.200 villages in the Anantapur District are enrolled in primary school.

We seek to ensure that all children from Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and poor families in other communities complete secondary school and receive support and encouragement to continue on to higher education. We look to raise the quality of primary schools, improve governmental infrastructures and level gender literacy rates. This is a step towards equal opportunities, helping them live their lives with the same dignity and equality as other more advanced sectors of society.

What we do:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of education in empowering society and the communities.
  • Ensure literacy among girls and boys in primary and secondary school.
  • Reinforce the public education system by improving infrastructures and offering support to government schools.
  • Improve the academic level of disadvantaged children through access to enrichment classes (coaching camps) or bridge schools.
  • Help disadvantaged children continue on to higher education through pre-university and university scholarships.

Moreover, we do believe in Sports as a great education tool:

  • 52 rural students undergoing a training in Hockey.
  • 21 intellectually disabled children ara undergoing intensive training to participate in the Asian Pacific Regional Games in Australia and Special Olympics.
  • 117 children are receiving training in Tennis.
  • Our criket team from Kadiri won 2nd time the Rural Cricket Tournament.
  • 281 rural students are being coached in various sports and games as football, kabadi, cricket, kho-kho, etc.
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