Fair Trade


The Vicente Ferrer Foundation promotes fair trade through craft workshops employing 300 disabled women. With this program we are providing decent work for women suffering from triple discrimination: as women, belonging to lower castes (dalits) and being disabled. The craft workshops operate under the fair trade criteria and in 2014 we have joined the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization).

Women working at the workshops produce handicrafts made in paper mache, jute, hand embroidery, sewing, jewelry, and other local materials like araconut.

Our craft workshops wants to:

  • Group and organize women to train them as producers and marketers of their products
  • Pay optimal wages
  • Provide assistance to women in nutrition, rehabilitation, health and hygiene services, and support the family economy
  • Are environmentally friendly with the use of natural raw materials
  • Eliminate intermediation
  • Repatriate profits from the sale to India for reinvestment in the project