Our goal is to improve access to housing and habitable environments through participation and empowerment, as well as by taking part in reconstruction efforts after natural disasters.

People in rural areas continue to live in huts or houses built from non-permanent materials like grass or mud, which do not provide the dwellers safe shelter from weather or environmental conditions. Dwellings are frequently overcrowded. 45% of the people inhabiting rural areas in Andhra Pradesh live in one-room houses, 63% of which house 4 or more people. The low economic population cannot afford the cost of a decent home and government housing schemes take time to reach everyone. As in many countries, housing is one of the most important assets; an asset that women still struggle to obtain and which could enhance their empowerment and social recognition.


What we do:

  • Build decent houses, making the community the main focus.
  • Ensure women own land and a house.
  • Empower organized communities and encourage them to request land using government schemes.
  • Increase the people's ability to deal with suppliers, verify the quality of the material, and ensure fair prices.
  • Involve the recipients in unskilled construction work.
  • Build houses in collaboration with the government.
  • Participate in the reconstruction of disaster affected areas.