Our goal is to promote gender equality and improve the quality of life of poor rural women by providing access to socioeconomic rights and healthcare, enabling them to take responsibility for their own development, promoting their empowerment and the development of their families.

Though women represent 48% of the Indian population, they are disproportionately poor and disadvantaged in comparison to men. They are the pillar of India's society, their family's mainstay, and the primary conveyors of values and traditions. Gender discrimination deprives them of taking control of their own lives, health, and means of income. This situation is worse in the most impoverished rural communities, in which women suffer double discrimination on account of their gender and low and caste.

Since 1982, RDT has worked to empower women in poor and marginalized rural communities. It has sought to enhance their role in society through education and women's associations, income generation activities, and a specific program for reducing gender discrimination, which involves awareness activities and rehabilitation for women who have suffered gender violence.

What we do

  • Promote gender equality through education, women associations, and awareness activities.
  • Provide counseling to women who have suffered discrimination or violence in their communities, promoting rehabilitation and social reintegration.
  • Train disadvantaged women in various skills, helping to make them more independent and raising their family incomes.
  • Strive to improve women's socioeconomic situation through programs to access microcredits and funds.